Eugénio Martins Construções

4 | Golf East

Single-family villa with a swimming pool and an area of 316 m². The villa has three floors, two of which are above ground level. Following a modern architectural design, the villa has a rooftop, which is accessible by elevator and a metal staircase outside. It stands out for its double-height ceilings, which can be found in the entrance hall and living room. The entrance hall ceilings feature radially spread wooden beams, around a circular column. Also in the entrance and living room, there are pyramid ceilings, which are supported by rods in the ceiling slab. Some exterior walls of the main façade are covered with limestone of the moleanos ataija type. All terraces feature laminated tempered glass railings. Another highlight is the presence of several large 6-meter high glass panes in the façade. The villa has an elevator serving all three floors, as well as a metal spiral staircase indoors, covered in oak wood.