Eugénio Martins Construções

Lote 24 Quinta do Lago

24 | San Lorenzo North

Villa with a swimming pool, composed of three floors and panoramic roof. The modern architecture stands out mainly due to the front façade of the lot, which is composed of four “sails”, in honor of the view to the Ria Formosa, from all rooms and outdoor swimming pool terrace. It has some special elements such as a garage with a 9-meter gate. There are minimalist aluminum rough openings. The main one, between the living room and the pool terrace, is automatic. It is 6 meters high and more than 12 meters long. The main entrance door, 6 meters high and 2 meters wide, is also automatic. A home automation system covers the whole villa. The interior and exterior are of simple appearance, but at the same time, detailed finishings transform all the spaces and make them very pleasing to those who have the opportunity to enjoy this villa.