Eugénio Martins Construções

Lote 11 Quinta do Lago

11 | Atlantic

Single-family villa with a large swimming pool. Area of 995 m2. The villa has three floors and a rooftop with 360-degree view. Two floors are above ground level and one is below. Of modern architectural design, the villa has straight lines and a play of volumes. The interior areas are generous, and there is exterior cladding in natural stone with horizontal alignment, and varied but repetitive lengths. Most of the villa has a double-skin façade, and exterior shutters to close the terraces completely in lacquered aluminum to imitate wood, with electric and manual systems. The natural stone façades and shutters stand out. Aluminum in a minimalist style, featuring sliding tracks embedded in the floors. Also noteworthy are the large ceramic floors inside and outside, as well as the cladding of the sanitary facilities, in engraved natural stone. The villa has technology in every detail, using an automation system to control most of the equipment.